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You covered the cost of Meg’s car repair, easing the immense weight on her shoulders

By covering a costly car repair, you helped Meg—a single mom to three-year-old Ava—continue providing financially and emotionally for her daughter.

Image description: The photo shows three-year-old Ava sitting in a grocery cart in the grocery store.

Meg has worked hard to create the best life possible for Ava. Shortly after Ava was born, Meg mustered the courage to leave her abuser, Ava’s father. She persevered through months of postpartum depression.

When we met her, Meg was struggling to make ends meet. On top of electric bills piling up, the cost of Ava’s daycare had more than doubled with only two weeks’ notice. Meg was forced to choose between paying rent and paying for childcare—between having a place for her and her baby to live and a place for her baby to be safe while she worked. Without another option, Meg pulled Ava out of daycare.

Needing a way to make an income without childcare, Meg started delivering groceries. Ava accompanied her. While Meg was relieved to be making an income again, she worried about the reliability of her car.

When the car finally needed a costly repair, Meg couldn’t afford it. She wrote to us, desperate for a place to turn. If her car became inoperable, her income would be gone.

The anxiety alone was heavy: “The constant worry that any day, my ability to make an income could be gone is beyond stressful. I am just exhausted mentally, physically and emotionally,” wrote Meg.

At some point in our lives, every single one of us has needed a place to turn. Whether we needed emotional, mental, physical, or financial support, we’ve needed each other. It is an innate part of being human.

Through Together Rising, you showed up for Meg. You covered the cost of the car repair, easing the immense weight on her shoulders. She is still making an income—because of you.

This holiday season, please consider making a gift to Together Rising. By donating, you enable us to continue to be a place where communities and families in crisis can turn.

In a world where crises abound and heartbreak is abundant, people who need help often don’t know where to turn. People who want to help often don’t know where to turn. 

Together Rising is where to turn.

Note: Pseudonyms have been used.