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You have invested an additional $771,650 in our trusted partner to continue to reunify separated families

Photo credit: Al Otro Lado. Image description: Gilberto and his family outside of the airport.

Cruelty is the point—it was when babies were ripped from their parents’ arms back in 2018 and it continues to be today as migrant families are bussed and flown across the country as political pawns.

Together Rising stands for the humanity and dignity of migrant families and children today and every day. That’s why your most recent $771,650 investment in our trusted partner, Al Otro Lado, is going to reunify families who were separated during the abhorrent zero tolerance policy.

Meet two families whose lives have been changed because of you and your continued investment in Al Otro Lado:

After his children were ripped from him, Gilberto was deported back to the danger he fled in his home country. His babies remained detained in the U.S.

But Gilberto was not alone. For an entire year, the team at Al Otro Lado advocated fiercely on his behalf. Finally, after several unconscionable years of being separated, Gilberto was finally allowed to reunite with his children.

But they didn’t stop there. At first, only Gilberto could return—forcing his family to remain separated. After months of additional advocacy, Gilberto’s family was permitted to join him.

The entire family reunited in May—the first picture shows them holding each other outside the airport.

Meet Selvin—he’s the second from the right in the photo below. Back in 2020, Al Otro Lado reunited Selvin and one of his sons. However, Selvin couldn’t bring his two additional children with him. He agonized over how they were doing, especially his disabled son.

Photo credit: Al Otro Lado. Image description: Selvin and his family.

Al Otro Lado fought tirelessly for the family to be reunited.

Because of you, Selvin held his babies in his arms once again. His son now has access to critical healthcare, as does his daughter, who was very sick when she arrived.

Because of you, Al Otro Lado has reunified more than 80 deported parents with their children and will continue to find and reunite dozens more.

We have invested $10,934,117.43 to reunify families and protect detained children—and will continue to fund this critical work until every family is reunited.

Until every Gilberto and every Selvin has their babies back in their arms.