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You helped ease an immense weight on Lydia’s shoulders

“I am completely tapped out in every way, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially.”

Lydia—a single mom to two teenage children—was carrying an immense weight all on her own.

Together Rising exists to be a place to turn. When she wrote to us, Lydia was trying desperately to make ends meet after being laid off. Her fifteen-year-old son was struggling with severe depression, anxiety, and disruptive mood dysregulation disorder. After exhausting every other option for treatment, he was in critical need of long-term inpatient mental healthcare.

Lydia was doing everything she could to raise the funds needed.

Image description: The background of the graphic is bright blue. A screenshot of an email is centered in the middle with a white background and black text. It reads, “I received a surprise check in the mail yesterday from Together Rising to help with my children’s medical needs. I am deeply grateful for this support and felt touched by angels! I appreciate your organization and all of the people who donate, including a good friend of mine. Once I am more financially stable, you will have another life-long donor in me! Thank you so very much!”

Together, we stepped into this gap by sending a direct grant to Lydia, easing that immense weight on her shoulders. Now she can focus on getting her son the care he needs.

To everyone who donates and supports our work: Thank YOU for enabling us to be a place to turn for Lydia and for so many more like her.

Note: A pseudonym has been used at the grant recipient’s request.