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You shattered our goal!


When scary things happened on the news, Mister Rogers’ mother would say: “Look for the helpers, son. There are always helpers.”

In the future, when history looks for the helpers of these times, History will find you.

History will point to this army of fierce hearted strangers who linked arms and marched toward the world’s pain–who sacrificed for forgotten little ones they will never meet because there is no such thing as other people’s children.

Our goal yesterday was to raise $240,000 for emergency response and long-term legal accountability for the child detention crisis.

You showed up. You posted, tagged, raged, cried. You stopped your day and the world for these children.

18,468 of you gave.

In 24 hours, you have raised $1,195,245

We’ve been on calls all night and morning–meticulously strategizing the most effective way to deploy every penny we receive from you to fund more emergency care and long-term help to more children than we ever imagined we’d be able to.

Holly Cooper’s warrior legal team will receive more than they or we ever thought possible--this money will get the team to centers to inspect and investigate abuse, interview the children, remove them to protect their health and safety, and build legal cases to demand these atrocities end.

As we’ve shared the news with the tired, relentless warriors on the ground, their hope is renewed. They’d begun to worry that America had forgotten about these children, that saving them would be impossible. Then: YOU -- the people of the impossible -- showed up.

There have been many incredulous tears. We keep hearing: Tell them thank you. Please tell them thank you.


Each penny represents your work, love, and hope. We will put every single penny you’ve entrusted to us to its highest and best use. As always, as soon as it is responsible to do so, we will give you a full report of how each dollar is used.

We will continue. The darker these times get, the more light we will bring. We will not abandon each other. We will make it through like we always have: We will do the next right thing, one thing at a time, together. That will take us all the way home.