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Youth ALIVE!

Youth ALIVE! Program Specialist Jesse Taylor-Jenkins at gathering for community violence intervention

These days, it feels like we can’t go more than a few days without hearing the news of another gun related tragedy. It can be easy to feel hopeless, scared, and numb. When Dr. Sonya Anderson, our Executive Director, shared last month during #GunViolenceAwarenessMonth about how gun violence has impacted her own immediate family, we heard from many of you.

It’s clear. This complicated issue impacts us all, and it is why we are grateful for organizations like Youth ALIVE! 

Based in Oakland, California, this 30-year-old non profit organization has a clear vision for all communities—in Oakland and beyond—to live free from violence.

“We know that this work demands relentlessness and fortitude, but it also requires open, compassionate hearts…We bravely engage in situations where others fear to go, because our community bravely works to change their lives despite the odds against them. Our work has never been more necessary.”

Through Together Rising, you are investing $50,000 in Young ALIVE!’s youth leadership training and public advocacy programs, their intervention programs, and their healing programs for families of homicide victims and others traumatized by violence. YOU are helping Youth ALIVE! provide practical and emotional support to families and communities in times of dire need. 

We are deeply grateful for you.

With love, fury, and relentless hope,

Together Rising