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You’ve invested $9.4 million in separated families & detained children

For the past three years, through Together Rising, you have continued to fight tirelessly for separated families and unaccompanied children. When others have moved on, you have remained standing in solidarity with these families — deploying an incredible $9,397,703.37 over the last three years — a critical investment that has enabled our boots-on-the-ground partners to: 

  • Reunite families who were torn apart under the zero tolerance policy
  • Ensure the release of and safer conditions for unaccompanied, detained children 
  • Advocate swiftly and fiercely to stop deportations of parents without their children
  • Represent unaccompanied children throughout the 3-5 year asylum process
  • Enable separated families to receive vital mental health support

And so much more.  These slides show you where every penny of your investment has been deployed.

We know in this community that there’s no such thing as other people’s children. You have continued to prove that every single day of the last three years. 

Thank you for never letting up — for never forgetting about these babies.

We will fight for these families for as long as it takes. 

Until every child is back in their parents’ arms. Each and every one.