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Fundraise for Together Rising!

squadsquareWe are excited to introduce you to our Boob Squad!


This has been their name and their campaign for a decade – and we love it. The Boob Squad was our pioneer team for our new Peer-to-Peer fundraising offering. We are so grateful to them!


On the very same week that we launched our new fundraising platform, Erin wrote to us asking if she could raise money for Together Rising. She explained that she and her friends band together each year to raise money and awareness for the fight against breast cancer. Erin’s best friend lost her mom, Jodi, to breast cancer when they were in college.


“I’m writing today because my friends and I would like to do a fundraiser with all the proceeds going to Together Rising. My best friend lost her mom to breast cancer when we were sophomores in college. We were just babies when she had to say goodbye and although she is still kicking butt at life, it’s a painful struggle for her to not have her mom. For the past nine years a few of us have banded together as “The Boob Squad.” This year, as something special for our 10th year, we’d like to honor Jodi’s life as a woman, wife and mom by raising money for Together Rising. Jodi had a huge heart and would love the idea of us branching out to help other women in the midst of another kind of battle. “


We created a personalized fundraising page for their campaign; they took it from there, raising nearly $4,000 for Together Rising.  The personalized fundraising page easily tracks for each member of the team how much is raised and the names of the donors. Donations are easily collected by text messaging your campaign keyword or by sharing your personalized form. Receipts are sent out automatically to the donors, and the campaign leader(s) is also able to send messages each time someone donates to their campaign, so they can easily send a note of thanks. Pretty cool!


Erin emailed us a photo of our squad in Together Rising t-shirts we had sent special for their event. She wrote, “A million thank yous to you and the other volunteers and board members for your work with Together Rising. It takes truly awesome people to be so selfless. You have a big heart and the world is better because of it! “


A million thank yous from us to you, Erin.


We’d love for you to consider using our platform for your next fundraising campaign!


Click here to read our list of FAQs and then here to get started on your own personal campaign.


Get your Together Rising gear here – 100% of the profits earned go to support Together Rising.


PS – At an event last weekend, Glennon was able to thank Erin in person with front row seats and big hugs!!