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Look what YOU did! 2019 Review!!!

Your giving to Together Rising enables us to act quickly to provide life-saving funds in times of crisis. We are writing to give you an update about the specific ways your investment has translated to the healing of lives, families, and communities all over this country and the world during the 2019 calendar year alone.
Thank you for being the people who turn heartbreak into action. Thank you for coming together with us to help change this world to be more like what we dream, and imagine, and know it can be.
This is what happens when, together, we stop waiting and instead become the ones we’ve been waiting for. This is some of the world changing you did this year through Together Rising:


Reuniting Separated Families
Accompanied 29 families at the border to be reunited with their children who were taken from them while trying to seek asylum. Invested over $1,200,000 to help these and many more families reunify with their children and to provide support and advocacy while they await asylum proceedings.
Supporting Teens Aging Out of Foster Care
$200,000 total raised in 24 hours to provide 32 youth aging out of foster care with one-on-one support from a social worker; essential household goods; mentors for counseling, education, and job training programs; and monthly workshops focusing on credit repair and work readiness.
Advocating for Detained Children
$2,632,558.79 raised in 7 days to activate an emergency response and long-term legal accountability for the child detention crisis.
Showing Up Amid Atrocities in Syria
Sent $110,915.60 to provide meals and mobile medical clinics for those fleeing the ongoing attacks in Syria.


Invested $19,250 in new beds and mattresses for an emergency and transitional shelter in Georgia serving survivors of domestic violence and their families.

Provided rent and education expenses for a 19-year-old to get on her feet after being kicked out of her home because she had aged out of foster care.

Invested in a disabled veteran and his wife to help purchase daily necessities while she recovers from major surgery.

Provided funding to allow recently separated mom of two to cover car registration and insurance payments.

Purchased a computer for a son who uses his scholarships and housing allowance to help financially support his disabled mom.

Provided grocery and gas gift cards for 14 mamas and their families.

Invested $20,000 to help indigenous families on Pine Ridge Reservation -- funding food and water delivery after massive flooding cut off drinking water supply.

Invested $20,000 to help Nebraska ranchers after a terrible storm destroyed countless ranches -- funding livestock housing arrangements, veterinary costs, and efforts to clear debris from fields, roads and homes.

Provided $15,000 for a family whose youngest son has terminal brain cancer to cover gas for doctor’s appointments, clothing, diapers and wipes, increased utility bills, medications, and grief therapy.

Purchased $10,000 in menstrual kits and boxers for teens in Kenya.

Purchased $2,000 in science equipment for teachers in a struggling school district.

Provided living expenses for eight families living with difficult medical diagnoses.

Helped a 14-year-old boy receive a medical evaluation for an elusive three-year illness.

Provided $20,000 to support homeless and at-risk veterans and their families in Nevada.

Paid for 3 months of rent for a family getting back on their feet after a divorce.

Covered refrigerator repair and cleaning service for family where the father had a cancer recurrence.

Covered funeral expenses for a mom who died of cancer when her baby was only 6 months old.

Helped purchase a van for a family where mom and son have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.

Invested $100,000 in the lives of the Sudanese people - in improved access to clean water, sanitation, and microenterprise development and market inclusion for the women of Sudan.

Helped a single mom of two girls to get food on the table and cover urgent bills.

Invested $50,000 in a prison to community re-entry program that helps formerly incarcerated women.

Invested in $50,000 to aid with daily living expenses for families affected by Mississippi ICE raids.

Provided $10,000 to provide food and shelter to asylum-seeking families forced to wait in dangerous conditions and 120-degree heat at the border.

Provided a new roof and tree removal for a single mom with 3 kids.

Gave $5,000 to help family after house flooded in Wisconsin.

Provided $4,495 to a mom of two recovering from kidney surgery.

Funded equine therapy camp for foster children recovering from trauma.

Helped a single mom who left an abusive relationship meet urgent financial needs.

Helped a veteran going back to school pay water & electric bills.

Invested in a newly-immigrated teen struggling with food and housing insecurity while attending college.

Deployed $185,991.32 in emergency response & medial equipment for those suffering the devastating destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas.

Purchased a new car engine for a mama of four who was financially struggling after divorce.

Matched 550 families with more than 1,000 givers through our annual Holiday Hands program to fulfill requests for holiday needs in less than two hours.

Brightened the holidays for more than 125 additional families by providing meals, holiday gifts and meeting other needs.