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Miracle Mindy

By Together Rising | July 23, 2012

We first met Mindy in March 2012, when her neighbors reached out to the Monkees to see if we could help their family friends.  Mindy was a beloved mama battling stage 4 bone, lung, and liver cancer. Their much older car was in the shop with desperately needed repairs.  You can read about the first…

Our Claudia

By Together Rising | June 15, 2012

After an active life serving others as a fire fighter, EMT, paramedic, nurse, and flight medic Claudia found herself without a vehicle. In 2005, this single mama with three children, all of whom have Fragile X syndrome, was diagnosed with ALS,  also known as Lou Gherig’s disease.  Her health slowly deteriorated to the point where…

Kairos for Croyles

By Together Rising | May 2, 2012

On February 9, 2012, the Monkees held our first official Love Flash Mob, raising money to send a well-loved mama with cancer, Kristin Croyle, on vacation with her beautiful family.  The outpouring of love blew. us. away.  Giving only in increments of $5, $10, and $25, Monkees raised over $25,000 in 10 hours. You can…